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Believe it or not, attending school is not a legal requirement in the United States. It is a legal requirement that all kids be educated, though. When parents believe they can give their children a better education — or have other reasons for not wanting to send their kids to a local school (such as wanting to provide them with religious instruction) — they may choose home schooling.girl-drawing-back-to-school-1239803-m

Home-schooled students can learn just as much as they would in regular schooling, provided they and their instructors (usually parents) work hard to cover all the subjects and experiences necessary. Overall, parents who home school tend to have higher levels of education than parents who do not. They already have a grasp of numerous subjects and the skills to educate themselves about teaching their kids.

It’s been a while since most parents sat in an algebra class or a bio lab. So they have to know how to find the information necessary to teach their kids. Public schools or school districts often provide home-schooling parents with a curriculum, books and materials, and places to meet. Some public schools will point parents to tutors and other resources for brushing up on forgotten subjects. Or parents may enroll in continuing education courses at local colleges or universities.

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