Which Florida Lottery Game Produces the Most Millionaires?

Florida lottery games provide an avenue to become a millionaire, including 500x the Cash, which offers a top prize of $25 Million! Furthermore, additional 5x to 500x prizes may also be won depending on which symbols appear on a ticket.

George Demetriades from Bonita Springs won a $25 Million top prize on his $500x the Cash scratch-off ticket purchased at Circle K at 10460 Bonita Beach Road and received a lump-sum payment of $20,560,000 from Fort Myers district office lottery officials in June 2022. Demetriades selected one-time lump sum payment and chose one from among several payment plans available – each receiving a bonus commission of $50,000 from Circle K where Demetriades purchased his ticket from.

56-year-old Tampa man also took home big winnings on scratch-off ticket from the $30 Billion Dollar Gold Rush Supreme with one of 24 prizes worth $1 Million each on this Florida Lottery scratch-off game, making up its highest prize pool ever at $880,000 and purchasing his ticket from New Way Food and Deli in Lutz.

There are still multiple large prizes up for grabs on the $50 Monopoly game, which boasts odds of 1:2.93. While a $5 million prize was claimed earlier this month in Tampa, two $15 million prizes remain.

if you win a major prize on any Florida Lottery game, you must claim your winnings within 180 days. Winnings up to $600 may be redeemed at any authorized retailer while those of $250,000 or greater must be claimed at one of the Florida Lottery offices or headquarters in Tallahassee. In either instance, there may be options available such as receiving either an annuity that equals or approximately 2/3rds of an advertised jackpot plus federal income tax withholding payments.

Few may realize that Florida Lottery winners can reveal themselves publicly if they so desire; with few exceptions. Most often, information such as name of winner and location of winning event(s) can be disclosed publicly.

Names of lottery winners may be disclosed for security or public safety purposes. A winner may request an exemption from Florida Lottery for privacy purposes in these instances.

Florida Lottery winners can be easily located by accessing their website regularly and viewing updated lists of winners. Each entry provides details such as retailer, date of claim, advertised top prize amount paid out as prize and more about each person who won something popular such as football pool. Most popular Lottery games typically identify the winner’s first and last names as well as where they reside and when/where/how much prize amounts have been won as well as any winning numbers and prize amounts awarded on that specific game.